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Receiving a Trophy


The Latin Fashion Awards celebrate Latin culture's diversity, creativity, and richness, uplifting the Latin American community. It is more than just a glitzy event; it is a movement, an experience, and a beacon of pride for Latin culture and heritage. 


Participants have previously been part of the Oscar fashion suites, dressing Oscar Awards nominees, and more. Today, the invitation extends beyond a photo recognition, highlighting the Latino contribution to the industry globally and connecting with business partners and minds alike.


Save the date and join this magnificent celebration of Latin fashion and culture,




January 1 to June 30, 2024

Nominee announce:  August 20, 2024
Nominee Publication: October 5, 2024
Event date: December 2024
Location: Washington DC, USA




Vivien Agbakoba

Celebrating an international community every year.

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Introducing your brand and product to "A" lister and stylist.

Influencer Daily news latin fashion week awards winner with their thophy representing the

Sharing with the world our contribution to the industry.


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